Video Production

Elevate your visual storytelling with our comprehensive suite of specialized video production services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re seeking captivating event and concert coverage, dynamic business spotlights, or engaging agricultural showcases, we have you covered. 

Get out there and be seen.

Having fresh, modern video content is a huge part of marketing your business or building your brand. Here at Rocket Grid Marketing, we are experts at creating stunning visual content with that professional touch.

Video Script & Planning

Storyboard Layouts

Pre-Production Logistics

Video Editing & Post-Production

Music Videos & Concerts

Experience the magic of music and events like never before with our expert videography services. From captivating music videos to dynamic concert coverage, we excel in bringing your moments to life. Our seasoned team is skilled in capturing not just music, but the essence and energy of live performances, private gatherings, corporate events, and even adrenaline-pumping sporting spectacles, rodeos, and grand sponsored galas.

We’re not confined to a studio; our lens spans across the vibrant landscapes of Alberta, Calgary, and wherever our services are sought throughout Western Canada. Equipped with state-of-the-art professional filming gear, we guarantee results that are nothing short of exceptional. Trust us to transform your experiences into polished, memorable visual narratives that resonate with your audience. Elevate your events with our videography expertise, and let your moments be etched in time, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers.


86% of Businesses Used Video for Marketing in 2022

Business Spotlights & Social Media

Unlock the full potential of your message with the power of video marketing. Our seasoned videographers collaborate closely with you, ensuring every frame captures the distinctive essence that sets your business, product, or brand apart. This personalized approach guarantees a visual narrative that not only showcases your uniqueness but also resonates deeply with your audience. It’s your moment to shine—let the world see the exceptional value you offer!

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Podcast Production

Rocket Grid Marketing takes pride in offering top-tier podcast production services that empower businesses to amplify their brand voice and engage their audience in a whole new way. We ensure that every aspect of your podcast, from content ideation to production and distribution, is executed with precision and creativity. Our comprehensive services cover everything from concept development and scriptwriting to high-quality recording, professional editing, and seamless integration of music and sound effects.

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Looking for a quote on coverage for your next event? Get in touch with us today and request our RATE SHEET. We will send over our pricing information on event or concert videography coverage and find out more about your requirements. We are excited to chat! Let’s get to work on your next project.